“Enemies” by Post Malone (ft. DaBaby)

To begin with, the “enemies” Post Malone and DaBaby are speaking about on this track are actually former friends or other close associates. These friends/associates prove themselves not to have the artists’ genuine wellbeing at heart. 

Post Malone’s verse reads like a rags-to-riches story, where he insinuates that some of the same people who didn’t aid him when he was destitute are now sweating him due to his success. Meanwhile DaBaby’s lyrics express a sentiment somewhat to like the opposite, as in his former homeys turning on him due to his accomplishments. But he lets them know that he is able to progress in life on his own. And as a result he appears to be distrustful of people in general, both men and women.

And that’s pretty much the concept the chorus is based on, which is the artists’ inability to make true friends. Post Malone states that the reason for this is their financial wealth. Or as the old proverb goes, money changes people. However, in this particular case it is not they, the recipients of the wealth, whose personalities have changed. Rather it is others whom they deal with. And the overall implication is that said persons are jealous of their success. So as for these individuals, Post and DaBaby no longer want anything to do with them. Moreover they don’t seem overly keen on making new ‘friends’ in general.

Lyrics of "Enemies"

Post Malone sheds light on “Enemies”

According to Malone, the lyrics of “Enemies” are based on actual events in his life. He revealed via Spotify that he used to certain people around him whom he thought were true friends. However, he sadly found out they weren’t. This inspired him to pen this song with DaBaby.

Post Malone on "Enemies"

Writing/Production Credits

Malone and DaBaby partnered with B. Walsh and L. Bell to write “Enemies”. Aside contributing writing to “Enemies”, Bell also solely took care of its production duties.

Release Date of “Enemies”

“Enemies” appears on Malone’s hit album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. “Enemies” along with the entire “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album was released on the 6th day of September 2019.

Despite not being one of the singles from the aforementioned album, it is one of the album’s most popular songs. Other popular tracks from the album (which btw is Post’s third studio album) include:

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