“ROCKSTAR” by DaBaby (ft. Roddy Ricch)

Honestly, the main theme permeating throughout this song is gun violence. Indeed when DaBaby refers to himself as a “Rockstar”, “this ain’t no guitar” or music-related occupation that he’s talking about. Rather he is referring to rockin’ the gat against his enemies. And Roddy Ricch follows similar suit, dropping a number of metaphors illustrating his lifestyle, which is highlighted by big money and the ever-existent prospect of things suddenly jumping off.

But arguably, the real highlight of this track is that DaBaby gets quite personal in his verse. For instance, he seems to put forth that the reason he took on the moniker of “DaBaby” is because he is his mother’s “baby boy”, i.e. her youngest son. Moreover he recounts that infamous 2018 incident where he bodied an armed robber “in front of” his daughter, who was but a toddler at the time. And the reason he brings this issue up is of course to point out that his threats of busting shots are indeed genuine.

Writing and Production

“Rockstar” is the first official collaboration between DaBaby and Ricch. And the two rappers wrote the song alongside the track’s producer, SethInTheKitchen.

Release Date of “ROCKSTAR”

This track was released by Interscope Records and the South Coast Music Group on 17 April 2020 as part of DaBaby’s third album. Said album is entitled “Blame It on Baby”.

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  1. Marie says:

    I support this song very much, and for those who thing it’s a bad song then think back again to the lyrics of what his story really is to the song. This is not talking about anything innopropriate but this is explaing something more like real life violence known as the topic “gun voilence”…He’s basically saying he will protect his daughter and family no matter how much violence there is in this world…BLM TOO!!!

    • Deano says:

      Epic song very meaningful and real about the current ways in the world today. The music behind the lyrics carry the message through and it embodies modern day struggles which I think most people can relate to

  2. caleb ensby says:

    what is the message that dababy is trying to say in this song

    • cool says:

      he mainly talks about shooting another guy in walmart where he was with his daughter and he is basically saying that he would do it again , to protect his family and daughter , he also points out that he hates the police and doesnt think that a police car is anything special compared to a lamborghini

  3. Kayce Berry says:

    Damn can’t get enough of this song, the beats hit hard each piece of instrument. Then the words are real and.

  4. Shawn P. says:

    Meaning…. Minorities have guns too, and we will protect ourselves and our family at all cost!

  5. Anonymous says:

    These dumba*s songs all sound the same,
    America is in a steep decline, may god have mercy on us all

    • Na says:

      Guns aren’t our decline. That’s what people in power want you to believe. The rich pricks that run this country and hold enough politicians in their palms to matter, are our decline.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love you DaBaby. Nice work with alot of information.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What does he mean when he says go get the chop? Is that a shotgun?

  8. Natalia says:

    What the hell. Dababy you did good on the song i am a supporter and I know that you only have guns to protect your girl and your daughter and by the way i saw your IG when your daughter was on the grill she is so smart don’t be calling his family a freak YALL HATERS OUT HERE.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wtf! Why in the hell is everyone making a big deal online about how it a bad song because he is colored… it is a good song and it is telling a story!

    • Anonymous says:

      for real
      its a beautiful thing what he do for his child HATERS

    • Anonoymous says:

      Love this song. There are plenty of OG’s of both colors that lay low. Most on both sides aren’t racist. Did anyone else notice the last person in charge pitted us against each other? Wanted black to hate white, white to hate black, white and black hate Muslim, everyone hate Asian and Hispanic. Reason?

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. dfhbgv says:

    this song is so meaningful

  12. Anonymous says:

    Uh it sounds like a lame and shameless attempt at garnering some “credibility” from a scary and tragic situation

  13. Cherrry Blue says:

    It’s not about color people. The last leader took race relations back years. I couldn’t be the only one that noticed he wanted black to hate white, white to hate black, black and white to hate muslims, and Hispanics l, and then Asians. Why?

  14. j.e says:

    what are the metaphor

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