Meaning of “Monica Lewinsky, Election Year” by SAINt JHN (ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie & DaBaby)

Monica Lewinsky, as you may already know, is the lady who, as a White House intern during the 1990s, had an infamous sexual relationship with then-President Bill Clinton. Actually, the relationship in and of itself wasn’t overly surprising, as Clinton was generally recognized or understood as being a womanizer. 

But what made it more scandalous, besides the fact that Bill is married, was when, upon the affair going public, he bold-faced lied about it, an act which ultimately led to Clinton being impeached. 

That scandal transpired in 1998 which, to note, was not an election year in the United States, at least not as far the presidential variety is concerned.

That said, it isn’t as if this song, as its title implies, is political anyway. What Monica Lewinsky also became known for is performing sex of oral kind on the prez, inside the White House, which, let’s say, isn’t a place proper for such activities. And that is what Saint Jhn is alluding to in the chorus, his girlfriend being his own “Monica Lewinsky” in that, excuse our French, she’s willing to give him bl-wj-bs even in “risky” settings. 

“She’s my Monica Lewinsky
She gon’ bust it right here ’cause it’s risky
She got a code like DaVinci
Only gotta text one time, ‘Did you miss me?’
She gon’ want to resent me
‘Cause me and her best friend got history
She got the walk of the century
Girl, you really got some”

And along those lines, in the first he goes about assuring the addressee that she ‘giving him top’ will not result in any type of bad reputation on her behalf. But the passage concludes sounding more like a general love rap, with Jhn letting the listener know that this relationship is about more than just sex.

DaBaby also starts off his verse by celebrating a romantic interest who “will suck (his) d*-k right there in front [of] you”. And he proceeds to note various aspects of their adventurous sex life, as well as pointing to his own sexual prowess.

But as for A Boogie’s segment, although he is addressing a lady who may prove to be “just another Monica”, his tone is completely different. For instance, he alludes to an unwillingness to hook up with a lady who’s had too many boyfriends in the past. Also, the main topic of Da Hoodie’s verse actually reads to be the personal stress he is experiencing, in addition to giving a shoutout to his gun-slinging crew and closing out by alluding to his sexual ability as well.

Release Date of “Monica Lewinsky, Election Year”

November 20 of 2020 is the official release date for this collaborative track. It was issued from the “While the World Was Burning” album, a third studio project by SAINt JHN.

Credits for “Monica Lewinsky, Election Year”

This hip hop tune was authored by SAINt JHN together with its featured artists DaBaby and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. The song also features writing contributions from its producer F a l l e n.  


“While the World Was Burning”, which shares the same issuance date with this song, is a product of the following record labels:

  • Hitco Music
  • B1 Recordings
  • Effective Records

Four songs were issued as singles to promote this album. The first is titled “Roses”, and it was released in September of 2019. The rest of the singles were all released in 2020. They are:

  • “Gorgeous”
  • “Sucks to Be You”
  • “Smack Dvd”
Monica Lewinsky, Election Year

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