“I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)” by The 1975

“I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)” is a song recorded and performed by British pop/rock, The 1975. The lyrics of “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)” use a lot of cryptic language and metaphors. However, these lyrics are ultimately about being so distressed with the disappointing redundancies of failed ambitions that the singer/subject is debating the purpose of living altogether.


The song begins by highlighting the thought processes of someone who was expecting some type of positive transformation in his life. However, he finds himself right back at the point he started from. His lack of success seems to be contributable to two factors. One is that he is not able to stay committed to his vision. The second is a lack of compatibility with the people he chose to fulfill the vision with. He is so frustrated that he perceives death as a possible solution to his woes. However, he resigns to the belief that his own demise is not forthcoming and indeed views those around him who actually do die as being more fortunate than he is.


The chorus highlights the true meaning of the song, in that the singer outrightly expresses his desire to pass away. However, he also states that this is not a perpetual disposition, as in there are times he wants to live also.


On that note, the lyricist now states that life has its up and downs, successes and failures. Yet despite how depressing it may become, he is not going to go as far as to commit suicide.


The bridge starts off with the singer seemingly questioning the source of his misfortunes and then detailing how such are manifested in his existence. However, he ends on the note that no matter how problematic life may become, an individual should stay committed to making the best of it and not give up.


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