“Girls’ Night Out” by The Judds

The vocalist has resolved that this evening will be “a girls’ night out”. Or paraphrased otherwise, this is one of those weekend songs whereas the narrator has designated that, after working hard from Monday to Friday, Friday evening is the time to let it all hang out. And in The Judds’ case, that would entail enjoying music, primarily of the country variety, in a communal setting and furthermore being the last one standing on the dance floor when the lights go out.

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When these occasions come around, the likes of Wynonna and Naomi like to party – and party hard. In other words, they have so much energy pent up from being on the grind throughout the week, that when the opportunity presents itself, ‘nothing is going to slow them down’ in terms of showing out in the town.

Lyrics for The Judds' "Girls Night Out"

“Girls’ Night Out”

“Girls’ Night Out” was the second single from The Judds’ maiden album, “Why Not Me”. The album hit stores on 15th October, 1984.

Songwriter and producer Brent Maher worked together with fellow writer Jeffrey Bullock to compose this song. Maher later produced it singlehandedly.

This catchy country tune scored the mother-daughter duo a #1 on country charts in both the U.S. and Canada.

US Billboard Hot Country Songs#1
Canadian RPM Country Tracks#1
Girls Night Out

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