“Why Not Me” by The Judds

The addressee of The Judds’ “Why Not Me” would obviously be a friend or associate of the vocalist and moreover one who is noticeably looking for love. However, under Wynonna’s estimation he is doing so in all the wrong places, as he has yet to make a move on her, even though she’s available and, as indicated by the title, willing.

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So basically, one of two things is being implied here. Either the addressee is not interested in her as a romantic interest, or their relationship is such that he doesn’t view her that way, i.e. a friend zone kinda thing. In any event, the vocalist is obviously frustrated that this guy she knows, who’s been looking up and down for that special someone, has yet to give her a shot.

“Why not me
On a rainy day?
Why not me
To love your cares away?”

Release Date of “Why Not Me”

The song was released as a lead single, on September 21 of 1984, from the duo’s album of the same name. To note, said album represents The Judd’s debut studio offering.

The Judd’s debut project was officially put out by the record company, RCA Nashville. This project, which was supported by three singles, has a release date of October 15 of 1984.

“Girls Night Out” and “Love Is Alive”, being the album’s second and final singles, were respectively issued in January and May of 1985.

Was this Song a Commercial Success?

Since its release, various versions of  “Why Not Me” have been created by several other artists. Popular among these versions includes that recorded by American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.

Emily Ann Roberts, a US country singer, is another artist who has released a version of the track. The Tennessee-born singer released her rendition of this song in 2015.

This track is considered one of the group’s most important works. It has performed well on various country songs charts including Billboard’s famous Hot Country Songs chart, where it landed at number one during December 1984.

In addition, it earned the duo an award at the Grammys of 1986. The song won the category for “Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal”.


The writing of “Why Not Me” is credited to its producer, Brent Maher and the following other songwriters:

  • Sonny Throckmorton
  • Harlan Howard
Why Not Me

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