“Young Love (Strong Love)” by The Judds

This song is a celebration of “young love”, which the vocalist presents as one “strong” enough to “make it through the hard times”. More specifically it centers on a couple, apparently teenagers, who when they first meet are sorta shy towards each other. But sure enough they end up getting married and, by the looks of things, proceed to spend their lives together.

So what we’re met with here is sort of an idealized depiction of how romance is supposed to play out. It’s safe to say that most teenage loves these days don’t result in lifelong romances. But this being country music and all, the vocalist has decided to focus on a best-case scenario, in which two youngsters are mutually smitten and instead of doing the casual-dating thing take the higher road and become husband and wife.

Meanwhile, the trials they faced throughout the years are not expounded upon. But the implication, given the subtitle of the song for instance, is that it required strength and commitment on their part to stay together.

The Judds' "Young Love" Lyrics

Date of Release: 20th February, 1989
Album/EP: “River of Time” (1989)

“Young Love (Strong Love)” Credits

Kent RobbinsBrent Maher
Paul Kennerley 


“Young Love (Strong Love)” experienced relevant chart glory. It made it to No.51 on the Billboard 200. It also ended up being certified Gold by the RIAA in the US.

“River of Time”

“Young Love (Strong Love)” was the first track to be released as a single from “River of Time”. The other singles from the album are:

RCA Nashville and Curb Records are the record companies behind this Brent Maher-produced album.

Young Love

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