“I Saw the Light” by The Judds

The story of “I Saw the Light” commences with the narrator, by the looks of things, going about surprising her boyfriend with a romance-related gift. The further implication is that in doing so, she proceeds to visit his home unannounced. But the surprise actually ends up being on Wynonna as, upon peering through the window, she is able to perceive, most frankly put, her man bonking another lady.

“I saw the light in your window tonight
I saw two shadows holding each other tight”

So as utilized, the title is actually a double entendre. On one hand it is a literal description of the above act, i.e. the vocalist ‘seeing the light’ inside of the house, as in enough illumination that she was able to make out what was going on therein. But on the other hand, it alludes to her now being enlightened to the fact that her boyfriend is indeed a cheater.

That revelation is made more significant as it appears the addressee had already been putting the vocalist through ample stress. In other words, the lyrics read as if Wynonna knew dude was cheating but never, up until now, had solid proof. So now that proof has been revealed, the song concludes along the lines of implying that she is about to dump him.

I know the truth when I look in your eyes
I saw the light in your window tonight”

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