“In the Cut” by Drake (ft. Roddy Ricch)

In the cut is one of those types of open slang terms whose meaning in a conversation is based on the context in which it is used. And in this song, it can be said to generally allude to the idea of being heavily involved in the action that’s going down. And as such, the artists themselves are “in the cut”. In Drake’s case, that would be generating massive amounts of income and staying on top of the rap game. And Roddy Ricch comes off more like a playa who despite blowing up always stays grounded in the streets.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Drake's In the Cut at Lyrics.org.

“In the Cut” was produced by Toronto native and regular Drizzy collaborator Boi-1da.  And he also contributed to writing the song along with Drake and Roddy Ricch.

Drake is an artist who has regularly dealt with leaks, especially in 2020. And when this song received widespread circulation during early July of that year it was not due to an official release but rather the track somehow reaching the public before its formal issuance, much to the dismay of Roddy Ricch. However, fans were already aware of its existence prior, as Boi-1da teased the track in March of 2020.

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