“Rollercoastin” by Roddy Ricch

“Rollercoastin” is for the most part standard Roddy Ricch fare, i.e. the vocalist bragging about his preference for sex of the oral variety, which up until this point on the playlist of “Live Life Fast” is a recurring stance. And on this track there is also a special emphasis on the notion that he runs with killers.

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But what makes “Rollercoastin” different from the other songs on the album thus far is that this is the first in which Roddy references his “baby mama” and the fact that the two of them have a contentious relationship. Or as he implies, she’s on social media claiming to the world that he’s an irresponsible father/partner. 

So Ricch is using the opportunity of this track to clarify that such is not the case, as he is in fact dedicated to taking care of his son, as that’s how Ricch was raised by his own mother, to be a responsible parent. So whereas he doesn’t appreciate the way his son’s mom is lambasting him, at the same time Roddy is not going to let her actions deter him from doing what he has to do for his seed.

That said, it’s not abundantly clear what the title is supposed to mean. But as implied by the conclusion of the first verse leading into the chorus, “rollercoastin” probably alludes to the concept of fluctuating in and out of a depressed state. And the outro, as well as the whole ordeal with his baby mama, sorta buttresses that idea, that even someone like Roddy, who may indeed be rich, still faces his own challenges in life also.

Roddy Ricch, "Rollercoastin"

Release Date of “Rollercoastin”

“Rollercoastin” is the 4th track on Roddy’s second studio album, “Live Life Fast”. The album itself was released on December 17 of 2021.

The following American record labels were responsible for the album’s release:

  • Atlantic Records
  • Bird Vision Entertainment

 “Live Life Fast” is made up of 18 songs. A song entitled “Late at Night” was released as a single in June of the same year for the purpose of promoting the album.


It took the collaborative efforts of Roddy and three other writers to compose the song. The three include LC, Sonic and Hagan. Apart from Roddy, all other composers of the song took part in its production.


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