“llf” by Roddy Ricch

“llf” is a partially spoken word intro to Roddy Ricch’s album “Live Life Fast” that sends sort of a mixed message to the listener. In the intro to the track, Roddy harps back to the advice that a homey, OG Pete, has given him. 

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‘Original Gangsta’ Pete has or is currently doing 26 years in a federal prison. And basically, what he told Ricch is that yes, everyone wants “fast money, fast b**ches and fast cars”. But such a modus operandi is not naturally sustainable. 

So if a person living such a lifestyle is not wise enough to slow down himself at some point, then life itself “will force you to stop”. So presumably in Pete’s case, said stoppage came when he got arrested and locked down. And with that in mind, Roddy also realizes that “time is the most expensive luxury in the world”, which is basically a fancy way of regurgitating the old adage that time is the only resource, once wasted, that “you [can] never get back”.

But then as far as the second half of this track, i.e. its outro, Roddy, buttressed by fellow L.A. hip-hop artist Ty Dolla $ign, repeats the line “live fast and die young” a number of times. So apparently, OG Pete’s instructions haven’t really seeped through. Or even if they have, by the looks of things, at least for the time being, Ricch has still opted to pursue the fast life and deal with the consequences thereof.

And just for clarification’s sake, the three letters which make up the title of this track are L-L-F, which we will take as an acronym for “live life fast”. But again, this is the intro to a nearly 20 track album. 

So even though, also taking prior knowledge of Ricch’s artistry into account, we can presume that the album is in fact about ‘living life fast’, as of now we don’t know what direction he’s going to take said concept via this project.

Lyrics to "Llf" by Roddy Ricch

Release Date of “llf”

“llf”, a 2.25 minute long song, is the first track on Roddy’s album, “Live Life Fast”. The song was released as part of the album on December 17 of 2021.

“Live Life Fast” is the rapper’s second studio album. It was officially released through the record labels, Atlantic Records and Bird Vision Entertainment.

Prior to the album’s release, a single titled “Late at Night” was put out in June of 2021 to create awareness for the yet to be released album.


The song’s composition became successful through the collaborative efforts Roddy himself and the following renowned songwriters:

  • Heavy Mellow
  • Rex Kudo
  • Ty Dolla $ign

 llf’s production was achieved through the combined efforts of the following record producers:

  • Dylan Wiggins
  • H. Mellow
  • R. Kudo

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