“The Box” by Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch is a rapper from Compton, Los Angeles. And any reader familiar with such artists would already know the main topics discussed in “The Box”. Or succinctly put, Roddy depicts himself as a paid dude from the ‘hood. Thus in addition to having a considerable cashflow, he is also armed and ready to defend himself against those who want to unlawfully acquire his riches.

Moreover there is subject of bedroom fun – lots and lots of it. Indeed the word box is commonly used as a slang term in reference to a woman’s holy part. But in all honesty, what exactly Ricch means when he utilizes the term in the chorus of this song is not abundantly clear. Nor does it seem that he is referencing any sort of female anatomy. Rather the term is used in a more-ambiguous fashion. That is to say that Roddy uses it in different contexts which also seem the indicate that “box” respectively has different meanings.

So for instance when he says he “hit a lick with the box”, that would insinuate that the box is something he uses to make money. But when he states he “put the stick in a box”, the box then reads like it’s some sort of storage unit, possibly for a gun. So conclusively “the box” takes various meanings, though all once again point to the idea of Roddy indeed being rich as well as gangsta.

Lyrics of “The Box”

Writing and Production of “The Box”

Roddy Ricch wrote “The Box”, and his producers are 30 Roc and Dat Boi Squeeze.

Release Date

This track was released, by Atlantic Records, as part of Roddy Ricch’s maiden studio album, “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial”, on 6 December 2019.

Ricch reveals he is “a Crip” in “The Box”

Roddy Ricch identifies himself as “a Crip” – a powerful, nationwide street gang based in Los Angeles – during the second verse of this song.

33 Responses

  1. first lastname says:

    “hit a lick with the box” means he pimped her. “put the stick in a box” means he f’d her.

  2. rosmery says:

    ilove the box lyric

  3. Kevin says:

    what yall talkin bout?
    Whe he says gotta put the stick in the box it means hes loading his gun and lick means to kill someone

  4. jayla murray says:

    Get with the program people you had one job and you couldnt even do that.

  5. Charity says:

    Bussin all the bails out the box = getting his gang out of jail. The box is a term for “jail”

    I just hit a lik with the box = lik- short for liquor store. The box is a term for a gun as well. Basically saying he robbed a liquor store.

    Had to put the stick in the box = had to store the gun away OR had to load the gun, a box is a part of gun, it has to be loaded with a “stick” which is also a part of a gun

  6. Charity says:

    Wait he could mean “bale” as in coke. Busting it out the box …coke is wrapped up like a brick or “box”.

  7. Shane T. says:

    Damn, the white boy has to school yall [expletive]. Ok.
    Pullin out the coupe at the lot…(box Chevy)
    Told em [expletive] 12 f swat….(f 12 jurors &; f swat)
    Blastin all the bells out the box….( music very loud)
    I just hit a lick in the box…(committed robbery in car)
    Had to put the stick in the box…( stick is slang for ak-47) …….class dismissed

  8. OD says:

    Had to put the stick in the box = extended clip in the gun

  9. danny says:

    The part he comes out en hez lyk “i will never sell my soul .what does it mean

    • Marcella says:

      Selling his soul means he will never conform, like he will stay original. Once he sells his soul (to a ghost writer, producer, record label), all of his music has be be how they want it.

    • Kk says:

      It might mean that he is who he is and wont let someone else shape/play him dat my opinion

  10. vvcammy says:

    some of these answers cant b serious or yall slow af…the box is a gun!!!

  11. USK says:

    Hitting a lick = robbing
    Putting the stick in the box = stashing the weapon
    Stick = long gun as in A rifle caliber weapon
    “The box” in this song has many different meanings. Who taught y’all the code? cuz they need to be laced up for real.

  12. P says:

    I think the box is his street block

  13. Rema says:

    What does Put the wood in her mouth mean🤔

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ok so um, back in my day, people didn’t snitch on each other lmao. Are y’all really sitting here….. discussing his illegal activity… and can’t just enjoy the song? Maybe I’m old school, but that’s all I see. Sorry. lol.

  15. Shaun Blanco says:

    Maaan a stick is a chopper or AK47, the bullets come in a box, some of em come in a drum

  16. The lik says:

    I’m confused with all these meanings lol

  17. Shaka snasher says:

    Am very much corncerned with slang words in this song

  18. Anonymous says:

    The box is a car you fools !

  19. F says:

    No, the box isn’t a car, its a box magazine

  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s song of the year. Yes I’m sure Will be singing this 2 months from now. Pointless trash

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