“Jumpin on a Jet” by Future

American rapper Future is no stranger when it comes to dropping braggadocious songs. And the track “Jumpin on a Jet” is just one of such tracks. From the beginning to the end of this tune, Future does nothing but boast to his listeners about his fabulous life.  

He boasts about a ton of things, most notably his ability to travel around the world on a private jet. In summation, all Future does is brag about the enviable privileges his fame and wealth offer him.

Quick Facts about “Jumpin on a Jet”

  • Future teamed up with Joshua Howard to write this song.
  • Renowned American music producer Southside, who is a longtime collaborator of Future, produced this tune.
  • The release date of “Jumpin on a Jet” was January 9, 2019. This was the second single Future released in 2019. It came out approximately 5 days after he dropped his first single of 2019 “Crushed Up”.
  • The tune came out as the second single from Future’s 2019 album Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd. That album, which is also titled The Wizrd, is Future’s seventh solo studio album.

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