Justin Bieber – Confirmation

On “Confirmation”, Justin Bieber is addressing a romantic interest. And what he is telling her throughout is to be patient in terms of receiving his love, as he is “on the way over”. So apparently she is very anxious in anticipation of the Biebs. Moreover in recounting this situation, Justin puts forth a macrocosmic criticism, as he states that “ain’t nobody got no patience” these days. And there are a number of reasons Justin is telling her to cool down. One of these reasons is because, according to him, they have ‘the rest of their lives’ to enjoy each other. 

So as has been interpreted by some, it’s definitely feasible that in this particular case he is singing to/about his wife, Hailey Baldwin, even if she is not mentioned by name. After all, a spouse would be the type of individual that a person would have a lifelong relationship with in a romantic sense.  And with that being established, it should be noted the word “confirmation” is never actually used within the song. However, given the overall theme of the tune, what the singer would appear to be confirming is his commitment to his overly-anxious lover.

Lyrics of "Confirmation"

Facts about “Confirmation”

Justin Bieber wrote “Confirmation” alongside Poo Bear.

And Bear is also one of the track’s co-producers. The musical duo Sons of Sonix being the other.

“Confirmation” was released by Def Jam Records and RBMG Records on 14 February 2020. It came out as part of Justin Bieber’s 2020 studio album, which is entitled “Changes”.

“Changes” was supported by the release of three singles. “Confirmation” wasn’t one of them. The singles in question are: “Yummy“, “Intentions” and “Forever“.

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