“All Around Me” by Justin Bieber

The easiest way to describe Justin Bieber’s “All Around Me” is as it featuring the singer celebrating his relationship with the addressee. Indeed as indicated by the title, he has formed a strong emotional dependency on this individual. Or as Justin himself summarizes the situation, the addressee is someone he need ‘all around him’. Simply put, he wants this person in his company 24/7, from “home to the road”. And the singer himself is “fully committed” to their union. 

In fact he is actually surprised that he can love a person as much as this individual who has made his “heart melt”. But that being established, it should be noted that whereas this song is logically romantic in nature, at no point does Justin forthrightly specifies that the addressee is a lover. But more to the point is that whoever it may be – most likely a significant other – this is someone who he now considers to be an inextricable part of his life.

Lyrics of "All Around Me"

Writing Credits for “All Around Me”

The Biebs wrote this tune in conjunction with three other prolific songwriters, including Sasha Sirota. The other two are Poo Bear and Noah Sammak. Both Bear and Sirota also receive production credits for this track.

Tease and Release Date

This song was first exposed to fans on the 3rd of February, 2020 when it was used in the Biebs docu-series “Justin Bieber: Seasons“. The series in question takes a detailed look at the life of the Biebs as well as how he goes about creating music. After being previewed in the series, “All Around Me” was subsequently released 11 days later (on 14th February).

This song appears as track #1 on the track listing of the Biebs “Changes” album.

The aforementioned album (which is Bieber’s fifth studio project), produced 16 tracks. Out of these 16 songs, 3 of them (including “Intentions“) were issued as singles. The other two singles are titled “Yummy” and “Forever“.

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