“At Least for Now” by Justin Bieber

The setting of Justin Bieber’s “At Least for Now” reads as such: the singer is chillin’ alone with a certain lady. Under normal circumstances, said lady would be a romantic interest. In fact all readings indicate that she would be down for a tryst. However, the Biebs himself is not letting it go there. Instead he is taking a break from romance, “at least for now”. And it’s not an easy situation, as there is sensual “tension” between the two of them. Yet he is more interested “trying to avoid disappointment” than giving in to the temptation. 

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In other words, he anticipates that getting intimately involved would eventually lead to some type of unfavorable emotional outcome. Indeed the overall implication would be that he has dealt with heartbreak in the past.  So as the story concludes, it can be said that the singer is telling this lady she needs to cool down. Because as for him personally, he may be likewise interested but is taking a break from relationships.

Lyrics of "At Least for Now"

Facts about “At Least for Now”

Poo Bear and Joshua Williams served as writer and producers of this tune.

The other producer is known as HARV, and the other co-writers are HRVY and Justin Bieber.

“At Least for Now” can be found on Justin’s fifth-studio album, named “Changes”. It was released by Def Jam Records on 14 February 2020.

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