“Plastic Doll” by Lady Gaga

In this song, Lady Gaga is likening herself to a “plastic doll”, i.e. a Barbie doll so to speak.  And she is doing so in two regards. First is that she is poking fun at her own stereotypical character as a pop star. But along those same lines, she is more or less warning others that they should not be naïve enough to actually believe that she isn’t a full-feeling human. For instance, in the pre-chorus, she admonishes a romantic interest in this regard, i.e. not to try to play her like she’s stupid.  And in the bridge, she is apparently alluding to the idea of the general populace being more concerned with her image than her actual feelings. 

But as noted in the chorus, when people “play with” her like this, it has an emotional toll on the songstress. 

So yes, she is making light of her public image as a “plastic doll”. But at the same time, she is reminding us that she actually has feelings just like everyone else.

On which Lady Gaga album does “Plastic Doll” appear?

“Plastic Doll” is the ninth song on the playlist of Lady Gaga’s album “Chromatica”.

The label that put this song out is Interscope Records. And they released it and its album (“Chromatica”) on May 29, 2020.

In addition to this tune, said album produced a number of hits, including these:

Writing Credits

Gaga collaborated with four writers, including noted DJ and producer Skrillex to write this song.

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