Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is the stage moniker of US musician and rapper Colson Baker. He hails from the city of Houston in Texas.  

MGK, as he is also called, released several mixtapes prior to launching his first studio album “Lace Up” in 2012. This record was a big hit in the US, and it catapulted him to greater fame.  

In 2020 the Houston-born musician released his first US number-1 hit, “Tickets to My Downfall”. This project, which represents his fifth studio album, also ranked at number 3 in the UK.  And to note, his follow-up album, “Mainstream Sellout”, also achieved a similar feat.

What Style is Machine Gun Kelly?

The songs MGK has created throughout his career are mostly in the genres below:

  • Hip hop
  • Alternative rock
  • Rap rock
  • Pop rap
  • Pop-punk

Famous Machine Gun Kelly Songs

“Taurus” (with Naomi Wild)

“Last November”

“Born with Horns”

“Twin Flame”

“Maybe” (with Bring Me The Horizon)

“Ay!” (with Lil Wayne)

“Emo Girl” (with Willow)

“Love Race” (with Kellin Quinn)

“Daywalker!” (with Corpse)

“Play This When I’m Gone”


“Forget Me Too” (with Halsey)

“Concert for Aliens”

“Bloody Valentine”

“In These Walls”

“Why Are You Here”

“Glass House” (with Naomi Wild)

“Death in my Pocket”

“Burning Memories” (with Lil Skies)


“Floor 13”

“Breaking News 2”

“El Diablo”

“Hollywood Wh**e”


“Rap Devil”


In 2023 MGK’s “Mainstream Sellout” album was named on the list of nominees for Grammys’ “Best Rock Album” award category.

Acting Career

In addition to his music career, the Texas native has also carved a successful career in acting. In this field, he has appeared in films like 2018’s “Bird Box” and 2022’s “Taurus”.

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