Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” Lyrics Meaning

To put things succinctly, in “Someone You Loved” Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi is lamenting over a lost love. Capaldi misses the benefits he enjoyed while he was with his significant other, when he was actually someone that she loved.

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He is obviously dealing with some sort of psychological issue. And this psychological challenge is most likely depression. He is in a pretty dark place and badly needs regular emotional support. In the past, this would have apparently been granted to him by his girlfriend. But now that their relationship has dissolved, he is basically defenseless. He has no one around who cares enough to help him deal with these issues. How their relationship ended is not really made clear in the song. However, based on the lyrics, it seems that Capaldi lost her unexpectedly.

The aftershocks of being left alone are paining Lewis not only due to his depression but also the fact that he was getting accustomed to being the recipient of his significant other’s care and love. And the situation is made more unbearable, considering, as alluded to earlier, that everyday life itself does not seem to be something Capaldi particularly enjoys.

Lyrics of Someone You Loved

Facts about “Someone You Loved”

  • Writer(s): “Someone You Loved” was written by at least 5 songwriters, including Lewis Capaldi himself. The other co-writers include Tom Barnes, Ben Kohn, Pete Kelleher and RØMANS.
  • Producer(s): The track was produced by The Music Shed (TMS).
  • Album/EP: “Someone You Loved” was featured on Capaldi’s 2018 EP titled Breach. It also appears on his debut album Divinely Inspired to a Hellish Extent.
  • Release Date: The original release date for this track was 8 November 2018.
  • 1st Interesting Stuff: Renowned British actor Peter Capaldi stars in the “Someone You Loved” music video. Interestingly enough, Peter is a distant relative of Lewis’s.
  • 2nd Interesting Stuff: The song peaked at number 1 in Capaldi’s home country of Scotland. It also made it into the top 5 in a number of countries, including the UK and Ireland. Prior to this song, Capaldi had never tasted such massive chart success in the UK.
  • 3rd Interesting Stuff: In late October 2019, “Someone You Love” helped Capaldi make history, as no other Scottish soloist had topped the Billboard Hot 100 since Sheena Easton did so in 1981 with a song called “9 to 5 (Morning Train)”.

Powerful Message in the music video of “Some You Loved”

Just like the lyrics of the song, its video also carries a profound theme of loss. In the video, the main character (Peter Capaldi) struggles to cope with the demise of his beloved wife. As she died, she donated her heart to a young mother, thereby saving that woman’s life. Owing to this exceptional gesture of kindness, the widower and the young woman and her family form a strong bond. The fact that the widower knows his wife’s heart lives on in this young woman’s bosom gives him solace and hope. His wife might be dead. However, she still lives on. And that means the world to him.

Capaldi’s team made this very touching video with the UK charity Live Life Give Life. This charity’s main goal is to raise public awareness about organ donation.

Second Music Video

On August 29, 2019, Capaldi and his team dropped another official music video for this song. You can watch that video below:

14 Responses

  1. Nes says:

    Somebody 2 love. A person died in an accident. A new soul re entered which is a male. trying so hard to fight 4 the dead person and the mess she created The male died years and years ago but he has a chance to re live. All u can tell it’s a male is through the eyes and the voice

  2. Sen says:

    This song is about a female who died a while back a new sole entered her body a male who also passed away. His goal now is to take over her traumatic mistakes and keep fighting 4 her son .

  3. Ian Elfleet says:

    I have listened to this beautiful song over and over again and every time
    it brings a tear to my eye.
    The video is very very touching and in a positive way he is dealing with
    life and bring joy to someone else.
    So much emotion , love and kindness i somehow feel very warm inside
    of me when i play this wonderful song.
    How lovely it is , it touches my heart.

    • Carmen says:

      Me to. I love this song. I heard it on Pandora and replayed it for a long time. This is an amazing song that has a powerful meaning and I love to sing to it. It reminds me of my grandma I recently lost this summer. I miss her so much. I was starting to get closer with her till one day she went to Utah and never came back. This is powerful song. And I love it

      • Dea Covarrubias says:

        i am very sorry for your loss. i also had my aunt die on 4th of july this summer. it sucked. and it still does. she died from suicide and this song always makes me cry.

  4. Maddie Muldet says:

    I fell in love with this song the day I heard it on the radio. It has its own place in my heart. Thank You Lewis Capaldi!

  5. LT says:

    Love love love the song! Such heartache yet a blessing all in one. A man loses his love yet she brings another chance at life to another beautiful woman and her family, and he has the chance to see what his beautiful wife saved! Love when he gets to touch and feel his wife’s heart beat and also listen to it once again! Nes and Sen……you all need to watch the video, read the lyrics, and what his interview about the song.

  6. Brendan Whyte says:

    What a beautiful song/ lyrics. That life is previous and we as humans take for granted. That his dead wive heart lives in a younger human touches my heart. One loss and one gain. So sad for his loss but happy for the girls gain. Knowing that his dead wife heart is beating in this young girls body must be a comfort. This child sums it up thankyou for making mummy better. Brendan xox

  7. George Schaefer says:

    Its about Addiction.

  8. Erin O’shaughnessy says:

    When I found out what this song was about it made me tear up. Such a beautiful song

  9. Lee says:

    I’d like the melody of the song at first when I hear the song for the first time in the net. I don’t understand the lyrics right away until I listen to it a couple of times. I was really touched and when I watch the music video make my heart melt. my like to the song change it to love. this song is my favorite nowadays. just saying

  10. corey says:

    This song was about his grandma who had died

  11. I D K says:

    I loved the someone you loved one music video. The comment that I loved for that one was written need an important day. And my grandmother died one year and I did not know her that well. But I love someone you loved my favorite song forever now

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