“Loco Contigo” by DJ Snake & J Balvin (ft. Tyga)

“Loco Contigo” is a dance/love song.  It is centered on specific objects of the narrators’ affection, as in particular women. And in that regard, J Balvin and Tyga are here to let these ladies – and indeed the entire world – know that the quality they possess which really impresses them most is the shape of their bodies. Or more specifically, they appreciate the fact that these women possess sizable ‘booties’ while simultaneously having “small waist(s)”. And that is pretty much the gist of this song. 

What is the meaning of “Loco Contigo”?

The title, “loco contigo”, loosely translates from Spanish as “crazy for you”.  And such is the primary sentiment expressed throughout, that J Balvin and Tyga have come across females whose bodies they have become obsessed with. Owing to this, they are willing to do what they must in order to impress and satisfy these ladies.

Quick Facts

These artists have worked together in the past. DJ Snake produced the 2019 track “Girls Have Fun”, with Tyga being one of the headline artists. He also worked with both Tyga and J Balvin on a couple of remixes. Meanwhile Tyga also featured J Balvin on his 2019 track “Haute”.

The three headlines artists had help writing this song in the form of Justin Quiles. Meanwhile DJ Snake produced it.

“Loco Contigo” was officially released via three labels (including DJ Snake Productions) on 14 June 2019.

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