“Love Back” by Why Don’t We

Ultimately, the title of this song serves as a poetic way of the vocalist saying that despite apparently having broken up with the addressee an appreciable time ago, he has yet to get over her. 

But in demanding ‘his love back’, well, let’s just say that whereas he does obviously miss her – for lack of a better word – it isn’t as if he’s trying to reignite the romance or anything like that. Indeed there is a sense of bitterness in that he feels he’s given his best to this relationship, only to witness it fail. 

And yes, the singer does sound as if he is a bit conceited, i.e. being convinced in his own mind that he was an exceptional lover to the addressee. But the implication, even though the lyrics don’t really go there, is that he’s disappointed things didn’t work out as idealized, i.e. the two of them being able to stay together, and moreover is placing the onus of the blame on his sex. 

And despite the titular desire, of course the singer would be mature enough to know that, realistically speaking, there’s no way to go back in time and reclaim emotion, energy and hours that he invested in this relationship. So in a roundabout way, what he is conclusively saying is that he regrets hooking up with the addressee in the first place.

"Love Back" Lyrics

Facts about “Love Back”

According to Jonah Marais, the lyrics of “Love Back” center on the attempt “to move on” after the end of a relationship.

“Love Back” marks the first single that Why Don’t We has dropped since those featured on their second studio album, “The Good Times and the Bad Ones” (2021).  The said project peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200, indicating that the boy band, whose discography dates back to 2016, is currently in an upward trend as far as its career trajectory goes.

Why Don’t We member Daniel Seavey is credited as both a writer and producer of this song, as are:

  • Jackson Foote
  • Johnny Simpson

And additional co-writers include JHart and Kinetics.

The music video of this track features footage of the first live performance Why Don’t We has conducted in nearly two years

Besides Daniel Seavey, the other members of the band are:

  • Jack Avery
  • Corbyn Besson
  • Zach Herron
  • Jonah Marais

None of them is credited as a writer of this piece.

Atlantic Records released “Love Back” on the date of 6 October 2021.

Love Back

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