“Let Me Love You” by Justin Bieber & DJ Snake

In “Let Me Love You”, Justin Bieber tackles a subject which runs through most of his songs: His love for a girl who is on the verge of ending the relationship. He pleads with her to stay so he can show her all his love. According to him, he was hopeful that the relationship was going to work out smoothly. However, the actions of his partner make him doubt this hope.

He now realizes that they were only pretending that things were fine when in reality, the relationship has reached its breaking point. Justin seems to be scared to death at the thought of a breakup. Owing to this, he gently reminds his lover to consider the good times they’ve shared together.

He likens the relationship to a journey where the girl is in control of the wheels. This is why he asks her to stay awake so that they don’t crash. It is widely thought that the song is based on his former relationship with Selena Gomez. 

Lyrics of "Let Me Love You"

Writing and Production of “Let me Love You”

This song was produced by DJ Snake. Both Bieber and Snake co-wrote the song with other songwriters in the persons of:

  • Ali Tamposi
  • Brian Lee
  • Louis Bell
  • Andrew Watt

Release and Chart Success

This collabo officially came out on August 5, 2016. DJ Snake released it as the third single from his maiden studio album titled Encore.

The song ended up being one of the most successful releases of 2016. It reached #1 on charts in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Scotland
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland

On UK’s official Singles Chart, it soared to #2. In the United States, it managed to get to the impressive position of #4 on the Hot 100.

Is “Let Me Love You” about Selena Gomez?

Many believe Bieber wrote the lyrics of this song about his former lover Selena Gomez. But is this really true? While we don’t have any concrete evidence that the song is addressing Gomez, we strongly think it has something to do with her. However, readers should take note of the fact that as of the publication date of this post, Bieber is yet to say whether or not he wrote this song as an ode to Gomez.

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  1. The prophet says:

    I wrote that song and i didnt get anything from it. I dont understand where do you get all this bullsh##, i want what is mine, yours the prophet. Finlands prophet. Justin Will know Who am. [email protected]

  2. Dj snock says:

    Let me love you
    Nice song keep going it bro

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