Machine Gun Kelly’s “Death in my Pocket” Lyrics Meaning

The dreadful title of this song actually refers to the “bones in the closet in the back of (Machine Gun Kelly’s) mind”. In other words, “Death in my Pocket” focuses on MGK’s mind state, which is overwhelmingly death-oriented. That is to say that his mental state is dominated by a general gloominess and the belief that he will pass away prematurely.

For instance, he recounts painful memories, such as struggling as a young father and the night his aunt passed away. He also enlightens the listener to the fact that he abuses drugs, apparently to the point where he fears he may lose his life by doing so. Indeed the track concludes with MGK stating that he is “ready to die”. This disposition does not seem to be based on the drugs per se as opposed to the overall negative mood he is in throughout the song.

Or put differently, MGK presents himself as a troubled, drug-addicted individual who can die (and not care) at any moment. But at the same time, his ultimate conclusion is that he “feel(s) so alive”. This sentiment obviously indicates that he still perceives there being some value to actually making the most out of life – an idea he actually alludes to near the beginning of the song, when he recalls that his inspiration for getting off his behind and starting a music career was actually taking care of his family.

Lyrics of "Death in my Pocket"

Release Date of “Death in my Pocket”

Machine Gun Kelly released this song as part of his 2019 Hotel Diablo album on 5 July 2019. It was released by Interscope Records in collaboration with the iconic Bad Boy Entertainment.

Writing and Production

MGK’s homeys SlimXX as well as BazeXX produced this track, with additional input from WYNNE. That trio also wrote the song along with MGK and Naomi Wild.

Did this track come out as one of the singles from “Hotel Diablo”?

No. This album featured three singles, namely “Hollywood W###e“, “I Think I’m Okay” and “El Diablo“.

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