Machine Gun Kelly’s “Floor 13” Lyrics Meaning

The fact is that in the world of hip-hop, beef (as in conflict with other rappers) sells. So sometimes things reach a point where listeners can no longer tell if an artist really has a gripe with a fellow celebrity or is keeping the beef brewing simply in the name of selling records. And such is the case with Machine Gun Kelly’s “Floor 13”.

But there is more to this track than the apparent Eminem disses which are present throughout, though in general it is not anything we haven’t heard before. In other words, “Floor 13” is centered on Machine Gun Kelly bragging about being a successful entertainer (both in rapping and acting) and being violent.  However, it is the latter which really takes center stage in this track.

For instance, he even boasts that his “daughter slapped a kid” in “elementary” school for “talking about” him. And earlier in the song you can take MGK’s assertions that he “got a gang out in Sicily” and is “popping off” (as in busting shots) metaphorically, as in alluding to him dealing with his rivals harshly on the lyrical tip. But later in the song it becomes pretty apparent that he is referring to real-life violence, as in looking forward to “running into” his opps “physically”.

As for the title of this song, the number 13 is considered by many to be unlucky, as in cursed. And in the chorus, Kelly says he “got off on floor 13”, as in getting off an elevator on the 13th floor, which is not likely meant to be taken literally but rather interpreted as something like a bad omen, as in him dealing with dark forces.

The name of the album this track is featured on is Hotel Diablo, with “diablo” being the Spanish translation of the word ‘devil’. So the 13th floor that he alights at is likely within Hotel Diablo, with once again all of this terminology being symbolic of him being a bada*s.

"Floor 13" lyrics

Release Date of “Floor 13”

Bad Boy Entertainment and Interscope Records released “Floor 13” as part of Machine Gun Kelly’s album Hotel Diablo on 5 July 2019.

Kelly teased the track, via Twitter, a couple of days prior to its release on 3 July.

Production and Writing

“Floor 13” has four producers. They are:

  • Big Duke
  • BazeXX
  • JP Did This 1
  • SlimXX

 BazeXX and SlimXX also get writing credit for the song along with three others, including MGK. The other two who contributed writing to this track are: Earl St. Clair and Chris Malloy Jr.

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