Meaning of “10 Feet” by Juice WRLD

The phrase “10 feet” is used in a couple of ways near the end of this track. First, Juice WRLD uses it as a reference to the depth of his soul. Then in the next sentence it is utilized it in a more ubiquitous sense, as a measure of his belief in what he is saying.

One of the primary themes of this song is Juice questioning, with himself being in “hell” and a “savage”, if he can still attain access to “heaven”.  It is unclear what his definition of hell is. For instance, it is something that he is going through in the here and now. And in his estimation, this realm is also “full of bad b**ches”.  Moreover he has likely gained access to this reality through “a bunch of bad habits with bad magic”. And those familiar with WRLD know that when he references “bad habits” it is likely an allusion to illicit drug consumption, which he also brings up in the same line as the aforementioned phrase, as well as later giving a shoutout to a particular illicit substance (whose name we shan’t mention).

According to “10 Feet”, other realities that contribute to Juice WRLD’s personal hell is the “rich spell” he tends to fall victim to. This is likely a reference to the negative psychological effects of his wealth and fame. He also brings up his violent, bloody tendencies – another major theme of the track – indeed comparing himself to “a cannibal”.

Ultimately Juice WRLD concludes that his life is a contrast. For instance, he’s “rich” yet at the same time “broke”. His life is “bountiful” but his soul “empty”.  But when all is said and done, he has not deviated from his commitment to keep it real.

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