Meaning of “Fast” by Juice WRLD

“Fast” refers to the speed at which the world around Juice WRLD seems to be revolving at. In this track, there are two primary causes identified for such a perception of reality. First is WRLD’s well-documented drug consumption.  And the other is the fact that he’s young yet rich and famous.

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WRLD has no aversions to letting the world know of his emotional, if not physical dependency on drugs.  However, instead of praising the euphoria they induce like most musicians along the same vein, he often comments on the detrimental aspects of such a lifestyle. For instance in this track, yes, dude is on pills, molly and heaven knows what else. He seems to be doing this to counteract “the blues” he is experiencing. Yet at the end of it all, he instead finds himself “lost and confused”.

Later he comments on how at the age of 19 he achieved wealth and independence. Yet he states that his emotional disposition is still one of sadness.  Then he lets the listener know that some of the unsavory, disrespectful aspects of his personality aren’t a result of his upbringing or a reflection of his true self. Rather such is due to the aftereffects of his partaking of and dependency on drugs. 

In the chorus, WRLD briefly brings up his high fashion sense and violent street code. However, neither of these subjects seem to have anything directly to do with the main topic of the song, which is when all is said and done, WRLD perceives life as something that evolves at a rapid pace, whether he is ready for such changes or not.

Fast lyrics

Quick Facts about “Fast”

  • Juice WRLD co-wrote “Fast” with songwriters Carl Rosen, Louis Bell, watt and Frank Dukes.
  • Three of the writers of the track (watt, Bell and Dukes) worked with WRLD to produce the track.
  • “Fast” was officially released by the record label Grade A on March 8, 2019.
  • It is the fifth track on WRLD’s 2019 album Death Race for Love. This is the second studio album from WRLD.
  • “Fast” contains no samples.

Did “Fast” come out as one of the singles from Death Race for Love?

No. The record in question was accompanied by just two singles, and “Fast” wasn’t one of them. The official two singles from the album are as follows:

But although “Fast” wasn’t released as a single, it quickly grew to become a fan favorite.

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