“Big” by Juice WRLD

 The title of this song is inspired by the fact that American rapper Juice WRLD is doing it “big”. In other words, he has a lot of money, and he’s living it up.

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He starts off the track by alluding to how much his life has changed now that he’s “made it”. Then he advises dudes who are sweating him too hard, as in “hatin’”, to back off and give him some space to breathe.

In the chorus, he brings up perhaps his favorite topic of all – drugs (NOTE: Substance abuse can be deadly. STAY AWAY FROM IT!)

Aside the aforementioned subject, WRLD also namedrops a couple of celebrities from days past. He uses their names as metaphors to artistically allude to the idea that he is not afraid of initiating gun violence.

However, the sole verse of “Big” is not primarily about gats, though he does make references to his glocks and the fact that he has a hitman on standby. Instead these extended bars are primarily dedicated to highlighting certain aspects of his wealthy lifestyle. For instance, he’s not down to do a feature unless he gets paid at least $100K. He’s also about to spend half of that amount just to “install a cod**ne foundation” at his new crib.

And of course, his impressive wealth attracts women, such as those who see him in the club and follow him home, even when he’s not aware of such. He also mentions that other guys’ girlfriends are attracted to him, and he has no aversions to dealing with them intimately and implies that he can even do so in the name of vengeance. Ultimately “Big” is one of the few Juice WRLD tracks that is not centered on drug consumption.  However, that vice has been replaced by the artist instead bragging about excessive materialism, reckless and wild promiscuity and a murderous wherewithal.


Quick Facts about “Big”

  • “Big” was penned by Juice WRLD along with Hit-Boy (who produced the song).
  • The song appears as the seventh track on Death Race for Love (the second studio album of WRLD’s musical career).
  • The release date of “Big” was March 8, 2019. WRLD didn’t release it as a single.
  • “Big” has a total length of 3:44.

Were any samples used in the production process of “Big”?

No. Only two songs (“10 Feet” and “Make Believe“) on Death Race for Love use samples.

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