Meaning of “Happier” by Marshmello and Bastille

“Happier” is a breakup song performed by American DJ/EDM producer Marshmello and British indie pop band Bastille. The lyrics of this song tell the story of a love affair between the narrator and his significant other that is rapidly coming to its end.

Despite being fully aware that the relationship has reached its tail end, the narrator still somehow wants to hold on. However, deep down within him, he knows that the only way  his significant other can be “happier” is by abandoning the relationship and going their separate ways.

Lyrics of "Hapier" by Marsmello and Bastille.

Facts about “Happier”

  • “Happier” was co-written by Marshmello, Dan Smith (lead vocalist of Bastille) and British musician/songwriter Steve Mac.
  • This track was produced by Marshmello only. In addition to that, Marshmello also played both the guitar and keyboards on this track.
  • “Happier” was a chart success. It reached the top 10 in a number of countries across the globe, including Ireland and the Czech Republic. On the UK Singles Chart, “Happier” climbed to number 2. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it made it to number 6.
  • Dan Smith is the only member of Bastille to play a role in the song’s creation and performance. However, the song was released as a collaboration between Bastille and Marshmello.

Who sings the song’s backing vocals?

The backing vocals of this track are provided by both Dan Smith of Bastille and English singer-songwriter Charlie Barnes. Barnes is best known for working as a touring musician for Bastille.

Have Marshmello and Bastille worked together before?

No. “Happier” marks the first time Marshmello and this British band have ever worked together.

Did the musicians make a music video for this track?

Yes. The official music video for “Happier” was released on September 24, 2018. The clip, which is very touching, shows the a beautiful and unbreakable bond between a woman and her dog. You can watch the video below.


Who is the woman in the “Happier” music video?

The woman in the video (the main character) is portrayed by American actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove. The other minor characters in the clip are actress Jordyn Jones and YouTuber Teala Dunn

What musical genre is “Happier”?

It is a pop song.

Which album does this song appear on?

You can find this track on the fourth mix-tape from Bastille titled Other People’s Heartache Part 4.

57 Responses

  1. Faith says:

    Does the dog die in the video? Because the dog goes to the vet and then the dog goes into a room and doesn’t come back out again. If so that’s so sad

  2. Artemis447 says:

    I always just cry when I watch Happier’s music video even though it’s my fave song

  3. Mienke says:

    What does this song mean to you?

    • Ofelia says:

      To me, this song helps me reflect on my own life. It shows me all of the sacrifices I’ve made to make the people around me “happier”. It also helps me see the sacrifices that those around me have made. This song touches me so much and helps me see how my friends always try to cheer me up when I’m down. This song helps me realize that a smile can mean so much.

    • John Doe says:

      This song is kinda saying that you need to not be sad on what ended but happy for what’s begining.

  4. Theo says:

    hi my name is jeff

  5. Theo says:

    hi my name is jeffery

  6. Shelby says:

    This video was really sweet and definitely shows the relationship between the girl and dog. It shows how they have an unbreakable bond but my question is does their relationship resemble how the dog is making her happy even when you get sick? Since the song is supposed to be about a relationship that makes sacrifices

  7. Alyssa says:

    I know it’s about a break-up, but wouldn’t it be cool, if it was actually written from the dogs POV? Like the dogs saying “I love you and I’ll miss you and you having someone else is painful to think of, but I have to move on. Even when I’m gone, I know everything we went through will get to you, every argument, disagreement, etc. But I have to go, it’s my times. All I want is for you to be happier.” Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • Jonathan says:

      This would actually be cool and heart touching for all those out there who lost their best friend

  8. lewis says:

    song is sad but good I kinda cryed but I LOVE IT

  9. Cyrus says:

    I don’t think the video goes with the song because the song is about two lovers who know they have to breakup to be happier but the video is about a girl who’s been bullied all her life and she gets a dog which cheers her up until her dog dies and she gets sad.

    • yeetus says:

      The song is about a relationship that has to end in order to be “happier”. I’m pretty sure they used a girl and her dog to make it more vulnerable and make it have a different perspective instead of romance.

  10. Athena says:

    Is this songs also about a dog and its owner?
    Kinda sad about it.

  11. Mike says:

    Bastille wrote the lyrics and the initial song … sent it to marshmallow who then messes around with the beat 15 times till he hit on the one we hear … it was a total collaboration between the two and they have been interviewed and confirmed this … great song

  12. jemma says:

    I think this song is under cleverly disguised as a break up song… but i feel confident from video that it’s flipping both ways and the other is about knowing nothing is permanent and acceptance. In the sense that losing those we care about is so painful that we ask is it worth having things to lose. That in the moments of loss, the the things we go through seem less significant. I think the changing mind thing is about the thought process of it’d be easier just to not be involved, but realising you can make people happier by being present in their lives in the first place, and to make the most of that time.

  13. I cried the first time I saw it.

  14. 123 says:

    123 all the kids bully me

  15. John Okoro says:

    I love the song… Break up songs are always ma best songs.. The video is quite cool and goes in line with the lyrics of the song just that a dog was used… It’s more of a soul song to me.. Nice one bastille and marshmello

  16. Savannah says:

    Is the video from the dogs perspective bc the lyrics say ‘I want to see you smile but know that means I’ll have to leave’

  17. Life says:

    I think this is not only about a break-up, but about friends. This could be about taking drastic measures – such as killing one’s self to make the other happier, or leaving your friend because you know you just hurt them over and over. I tend to think of things on the dark side, but that’s just my view.

  18. . says:

    I can relate to this song.I was messed with as a kid,so when I came home my dog comforted me so much and made me happier.My dog died in the summer of 2018. Fortunately I got over that.But I bust out crying each time I watch the music video.

  19. Allan says:

    No matter what happens in Our lives we should Always Bear a SMILE to appreciate what w’ve still Got.

  20. Allie says:

    This is the most moving song especially since the coronaviris is around I cry every time I hear this song my sister’s dog Carson is really old almost 10 I can not imagine how she will feel when he dies she will call apart I will miss that dog ,this video is a comfort thank you for making this song Allan that is so true

  21. Mukund says:

    I love this song but it’s so sad thanks for this meaningful song

  22. Gabriel says:

    When the singer says “I think that we both know how the story ends, THEN ONLY for a minute I want to change my mind”… does that mean that only for a certain period he’ll leave, just to later come back. Because they know how the story ends: Both of them together. Am I right? OR am I just looking for an answer that doesn’t exist lol

    • Anonymous says:

      The second one
      It.means that he doesnt want to let go and for a minute be selfish but then does “the right thing”

  23. Misty says:

    When I first heard this song, i thought it could have been about suicide or drug addiction. That’s why i love music. Every song has a different meaning for everyone who hears it. <3

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’m doing a song project and i chose this song for it cause its the best ever! I came to find the meaning but found more people who think like me about this song.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Just cried to the music video again. but i can’t stop listing to the song its my fav.

  26. Anonymous says:

    is this music important?

  27. Jazmine says:

    My class makes me watch it just to see me cry. I love the song but I wish the dog came back or she got a new dog and hated that dog forever. not her daughter gets a dog. That’s just what I think. Sorry if everyone hates it.

  28. Unhappiness says:

    I understand the song’s meaning, but the music videos meaning is confusing to the song. I also understand that the dog died.

  29. anonymous says:

    I love the music video, it’s so touching. But what I don’t get is, How is a breakup related to the relationship of a dog and its owner? Cuz that is so much bigger than a breakup. Can you please clear this confusion for me

  30. ??? says:

    I cried when I saw this.

  31. Freddy says:

    Happier always makes me happier when i hear it everyday and it’s what thrives me and marshmello just had to say his feelings towards that one person.

  32. Flamingo says:

    This song made me cry for a hour just why what’s the meaning somebody telll me pls

  33. Aadhira Khanna says:

    I’ve been listening to this song since I was 4, and it’s so moving and sad but I can’t stop watching it…but why does the dog think she’ll be happier if she dies? She loved it and was so sad when it died, why would she be happier when it was dead?

  34. Maddyson Steinmetz says:

    Ehh I love this song even though it is a sad story. Actually it’s kind of inspiring.

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