Meaning of “Mob Ties” by Drake

“Mob Ties” is a hip hop track that was released in 2018 by Canadian rapper and singer Drake. On “Mob Ties”, Drake focuses on two major things. The first one being his strong connections with mobs. Secondly, he talks about the people who have betrayed him and how he’s swiftly severing all ties with them.

In addition to the above, Drake also drops some lines about his fellow rappers who dislike him. In the chorus, he tells (or rather warns) them that he’s not ready to make peace with them. If it is war they want, it is war he’s going to give them.

While Drake might have not grown up on the streets like many of his colleague rappers, he uses “Mob Ties” to tell his enemies that he has people who are ever-ready to handle any dirty business for him.  

It’s noteworthy that in real life, Drake has some strong relationships with certain people with criminal backgrounds. For example, Drake’s OVO Sound signee Baka Not Nice is known for his serious criminal history. Prior to becoming a professional rapper, Baka had spent a lot of time behind bars for a number of crimes, including armed robbery.

Drake was also longtime friends with Anthony “Fif” Soares who was gunned down in September 2017. Fif was also known to have strong links to gangs.

Furthermore, Drake Drake has a close connection with record label founder and businessman J. Prince (at least as of the writing of this post). Prince had been under federal investigation for several years for his alleged links to a number of criminal activities.

Based on the above, we guess it is safe to say Drake isn’t joking when he says he has some serious mob connections! So you better watch what you say or do to Drake lest he lets his people “take care” of you!

Lyrics of "Mob Ties"

Facts about “Mob Ties”

  • Drake and nine others are credited as songwriters on “Mob Ties”. Among the nine other songwriters, include Nas, Allen Ritter and Boi-1da. The latter two also worked together to produce this song.
  • “Mob Ties” is the eighth track on Drake’s 2018 hit album Scorpion. Scorpion was the fifth studio album of Drake’s career. It was released on June 29, 2018.
  • This song contains samples from rapper Nas’ 1996 song “Affirmative Action”. It is for this reason Nas is credited as one of the many songwriters on this track.

How did “Mob Ties” perform on the charts?

In 2018, the song peaked at number 13 on the Hot 100 in the United States. It also charted in other countries around the world, including Canada, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Did Drake’s label release “Mob Ties” as a single?

In January 2018, “Mob Ties” would be released as one of the singles from the Scorpion album. As a matter of fact, it would come out as the seventh single from the album in question. Below are the other six singles that preceded this one:

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