Meaning of “RPG” by Kehlani and 6LACK

“RPG” is the title of a song recorded by American singers Kehlani and 6LACK. On this track, both singers assume the roles of lovers in a relationship. From the lyrics, it is clear that the couple, especially Kehlani is filled with insecurity. And why do we say this? Simply because she appears to be in a desperate need for constant reassurance from her man (6LACK). Among other numerous things spurred on by her insecurities, she constantly wants to hear from him how beautiful she is and whether or not he truly loves her as he claims he does. Owing to her insecurity, Kehlani finds herself always needing reassurance from her man for some sort of validation.

After all is said and done, Kehlani can’t just stop being insecure in her relationship with 6LACK. But how about 6LACK? How does he feel in the relationship? He clearly truly loves her and is not too pleased that the love he has for her “is up for debating”.

Lyrics of RPG

What Kehlani has said about “RPG”

On her Sunday Gems show on Beats1 Radio, Kehlani threw some light on the meaning of “RPG”. She confirmed that insecurity in a relationship is the song’s main theme. In addition to explaining what the song meant, she also explained its title “RPG”. According to her, the song’s title is an acronym for the phrase “role playing games”.

Facts about “RPG”

  • “RPG” was written by Kehlani in conjunction with 6LACK.
  • Music producer daedaePIVOT handled the entire production of the song.
  • This song marks Kehlani’s first collaboration with fellow American singer 6LACK. It also is her first collaboration with producer daedaePIVOT.
  • Released on February 22, 2019, “RPG” is the 7th track on Kehlani’s third mixtape While We Wait.
  • Throughout the song, neither 6LACK nor Kehlani mentions the song’s title.
  • The chorus of this song is made up of only the phrases “show me your love” and “show you love”. These phrases are repeated multiple times in the chorus.

Did Kehlani release “RPG” as a single from While We Wait?

No. The above-mentioned mixtape was preceded by three singles (none of which was “RPG”). The three singles in question are as follows:

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