“Not You Too” by Drake (ft. Chris Brown)

On “Not You Too”, Drake, backed by his homey Chris Brown, is addressing a romantic interest. And this particular lady is someone whom, as the lyrics make quite clear, he is really feeling. However, to make a long story short, she has somehow disappointed him.  The overall implication is that she deceived him in some manner, perhaps cheating on him or something equally painful. But whatever “little sh**” she did to Drake has really thrown him for a loop.

So the way the entire situation reads is as if the title of this song is an allusion to his amazement/disappointment. In other words, as have other women, this lady has also proven a less-than-ideal partner. But in this particular case, considering how much he likes her, his distress is very real. So that is why he is crying to her “not you too”, as in he was totally not expecting her to display such sheisty behavior. And all things considered, perhaps the best way to describe this track is as a song centered on heart break.

Lyrics of "Not You Too"

Writing and Production

Drake co-wrote “Not You Too” with its producer Noel Cadastre. Chris Brown isn’t a credited writer on this track because he essentially didn’t partake in its writing. His official role on the song is actually that of a backing vocalist.

Is this the first collaboration between Drake and Chris Brown?

No. Both artists have worked together musically in the past. For example, in 2019 they worked together Brown’s “No Guidance“.

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