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On this day, 9 June 2023, via the efforts of Capitol Records and another label known as Neon Haze, the music world has witnessed the release of Niall Horan’s third-studio album, which is titled “The Show”. 

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Horan’s solo career may not be as successful as that of his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, but Niall has made some notable achievements of his own also. For instance, both of his prior studio LPs have topped the UK Albums Chart, in addition to scoring within the top 5 of the Billboard 200 (with his debut, Flicker, topping that list also). So it is with some anticipation that this new project of his was dropped.

That said, its title song, which we’re currently looking at, was written by the singer alongside Jamie Scott, Dan Bryer and Mike Needle. And its producers are Joel Little and John Ryan.

The Show

Lyrics of “The Show”

In describing one of the major differences between “The Show” and its predecessor, 2020’s “Heartbreak Weather”, Niall has noted that he was a lot less mature then compared to now. And accordingly this title track has an advisory tone to it, as if he is using the opportunity to share what he’s learned in life.

These lyrics are far from being complicated. But at the same time, summarizing them into a concise thesis sentiment is more difficult than it may appear on the surface. For instance, the word “show” is mentioned in the chorus only, with the vocalist implying that throughout the course of his life, he has learned “how to fake” one. 

So on one hand, that reads like a pretty straightforward implication, though actually being one which requires a bit of imagination on the part of the listener. But in context, what Horan appears to be saying is that sometimes you have to put on a happy, or let’s say workable face even when you may not feel like crap internally.

And that notion then brings us to what may be deemed as the thesis sentiment of this piece. Going back to Horan’s matured level of thinking, it’s as if now he understands that progress often comes at the cost of adversity. 

And that appears to be the ultimate message behind “The Show”, that you can’t really expect to grow in life if “everything (is) easy” and “simple” for you. And going back to that “how to fake a show” statement, to the vocalist at hand said growth would seemingly entail rightfully or profitably interacting with people on a daily basis, even when, once again, you don’t really feel like it.

“If everythin’ was easy, nothin’ ever broke
If everythin’ was simple, how would we know?
How to fix your tears, how to fake a show
How to paint a smile, yeah, how would we know?”

Your Comments

MARTHA says:

“The lyrics of convey a reflective perspective on life and its challenges. The song seems to be emphasizing that difficulties and hardships are a natural part of life, and they serve a purpose in helping us appreciate the good times. The song introduces the idea that life is comparable to a board game, where mistakes and heartbreaks are inevitable but not necessarily wrong. It suggests that even under broken skies, there is a glimmer of hope or light.

The urgency of time is also highlighted, encouraging listeners to make the most of their plans before time passes by. The song’s chorus possess thought-provoking questions about the nature of life. It suggests that if everything was easy and simple, we would not have the opportunity to learn and grow. The lyrics touch upon the importance of experiencing and understanding pain, tears, and even faking happiness. It implies that through these experiences, we come to appreciate the good things in life. In other parts of the song like ‘lifе is like a dance floor some of thе time’, life is compared to a dance floor, where we engage in the joyous moments of life, but eventually, we are reminded of the inevitable end to the party.

This further emphasizes the fleeting nature of happiness and the need to embrace life’s ups and downs. ‘The Show’ also talks about how often we are blinded by the ‘lights’ or distractions in life, possibly implying that we sometimes overlook the true value of what we have and fail to appreciate it fully. The song ends by reiterating the importance of holding tight and being prepared for the ride of life, acknowledging that we may never be fully ready.”


“‘The Show’ is incredibly beautiful. Its impact on my heart is particularly profound especially when I hear the lyric, ‘hold tight, get ready for the ride’. That line inspires me to always get myself prepared for unexpected situations. Each word of  resonates with me so deeply, touching my heart with an experience I can only describe as heavenly. In my opinion, it stands out as the best on the entire album. Through this song, Niall has earned a special place in my heart. I adore him and appreciate all he is doing for humanity.”

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