“Save My Life” by Niall Horan

The verses of “Save My Life” center solely on what can be deemed a newfound sense of euphoria the singer is feeling, as if the scope of his life has been greatly edified. It isn’t until we get to the chorus that it is revealed that the reason he feels this way is due to the presence of the addressee.

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On one hand, being that this person ‘saved his life’, it reads as if said addressee may be akin to a leader or role model or something of the sort. But later on, there are a couple of lyrical clues embedded into the song which strongly imply that this individual is rather Niall’s sweetheart. 

So even though the lyrics don’t directly read so at first, this basically ends up being one of those types of songs which celebrates the vocalist having found true love.

“Ever since you walked in
I’m seein’ a new light
Ever since you walked in
It’s startin’ to feel like
You might save my life”


John Ryan, the producer of this track, also co-wrote it with Niall Horan and Amy Allen. And it was made public on 9 June 2023, being a part of Horan’s full-length album “The Show”, which is being backed by Capitol Records and Neon Haze Music.

Save My Life

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