“Nice to Meet Ya” by Niall Horan

“Nice to Meet Ya” may sound as if Niall Horan is addressing one lover over the duration of an extended relationship. But in actuality it is more based on the idea of the singer being victim to a string of one-night stands. So he has met a lady he loves alright. But her presence in his life is obviously transient.  And as the title suggests, whereas he may be referring to one particular lady at the onset and conclusion of the track, this narrative operates more along the lines of him just now becoming familiar with the addressee. 

So the aforementioned lady is more or less symbolic. And the idea she represents is that the singer may truly meet a lady he “got love for”. But over the course of time she will prove to be a romantic fling, which is not good for the stability of his heart (from an emotional perspective). 

Thus the song concludes with Niall coming off like someone who has learned to relish the opportunity to spend an intimate night with the woman/women he loves when the opportunity does present itself.

Lyrics of "Nice to Meet Ya"

Did Niall Horan write “Nice to Meet Ya”?

Yes. Niall wrote this song along with Tobias Jesso Jr. and RuthAnne. As for the track’s production, music producer Julian Bunetta handled it.

When did Niall drop this song?

Niall officially released it on 4 October 2019. It is one of the songs from his sophomore-solo project.

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