Meaning of “Science” by Niall Horan

“Science” is one of those types of songs in which the vocalist goes about addressing someone who is obviously depressed and discouraged. And the way the word “science” plays into this scenario is seemingly via Niall Horan insinuating that it’s only natural, if you will, to feel down sometimes. 

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Or viewed from a different angle, a bout of depression is not anything to get fatally pessimistic about. Or as Horan puts it, even in times of adversity “there’s still a heart beating in your chest”. And as the old saying goes, where there’s life, there’s hope.

So again, it’s as if he is encouraging the audience not to get ‘scared’ when hard times come their way, as in “overthinking” them. Rather, the implicit conclusion is that a conscientious effort should rather be made in the opposite regard, i.e. in terms of staying optimistic that better days are inevitably ahead.

“So, when you feel there’s nothin’ left
Oh, there’s still a heart beatin’ in your chest
And when you’re runnin’ from the flood
Oh, you’ve got nowhere left to run”


Besides former boy bander Niall Horan, the other writers of this song are:

  • Dan Bryer
  • Mike Needle
  • Jamie Scott

“Science” is the penultimate track on the 10-song standard playlist of “The Show”, Horan’s album which was released on 9 June 2023 through Capitol Records and his personal label, Neon Haze.


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