“Put a Little Love on Me” by Niall Horan

On “Put a Little Love on Me”, Niall Horan is addressing an ex-girlfriend. In particular, this lady is someone whom he can’t get off his mind. And this is understandable considering all of the intimate and personal moments that they shared together. Moreover, now they have gone their separate ways, he wonders how she is doing. Or more specifically he imagines if she is depressed by her singlehood, fantasizing for someone to love yet having no one to actually romance her. 

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Additionally, Niall himself is going through the motions, as it is apparent he misses her very much. Thus he is inviting her to “put a little love” on him. In other words, despite their breakup, she should not hesitate to call him if she feels inclined to do so. So in a roundabout way, we can conclude that this song is actually an expression of the desire for the singer to get back with his ex. Indeed by the end of it all he is forthrightly proclaiming that she is ‘the only one he needs’.

Lyrics of “Put a Little Love on Me”

Facts about “Put a Little Love on Me”

“Put a Little Love on Me” was released on 6 December 2019, making the second single issued thus far issued from Niall’s sophomore-solo album.

Niall teased this track by publishing a phone number on 4 December 2019 where fans could call and get some insight into his creation of the song.

In fact Niall Horan is one of the co-writers of “Put a Little Love on Me”, along with Daniel Bryer, Jamie Scott and Mike Needle.

And the track was produced by Greg Kurstin, one of the producers behind Horan’s first album, “Flicker” (2017).

Although Niall himself is from Ireland, the music video to “Put a Little Love on Me” was filmed in Los Angeles. And fans of the clip have Cameron Busby to thank for its direction.

Niall Horan has stated that this track is based on a real-life breakup he endured shortly before penning it. More specifically, whom he had freshly parted ways with was American actress Hailee Steinfeld, whom he dated throughout 2018.

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