“Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles

As far as the unorthodox title (“Watermelon Sugar”) of this song, it can theoretically be traced back to a lady whom Harry Styles dated named Camille Rowe. Miss Rowe referenced a book entitled “In Watermelon Sugar” (1968) as one of her all-time favorites. And fans have reason to believe that Rowe actually gifted this text to Harry in the past. 

But that being, said the actual meaning of the song as well as what exactly the title is supposed to symbolize is quite ambiguous. The simplest way to interpret it is as being a colorful metaphor for the way he feels about a significant other. But some researchers were quick to point out that “watermelon sugar” is also a colloquial term for a type of illegal substance. 

And considering that Styles has admitted to taking powerful drugs in the recent past, the belief does exist that this tune may actually be an ode to such powerful intoxicants. Indeed the chorus consists exclusively of him relishing a “watermelon sugar high”. 

So for now, these type of speculations exists as to what exactly the title refers to. But overall, if there’s one thing we can take away from this song is that whatever “watermelon sugar” may be, it is something the singer thoroughly enjoys.

Lyrics of "Watermelon Sugar"

Facts about “Watermelon Sugar”

Styles premiered this tune while serving a celebrity host of the 16 November 2019 episode of “Saturday Night Live”.  And that is also marked as the date which this song was officially released.

However despite it being introduced to the public suddenly like that, Styles actually teased it in late October 2019. And it was during that selfsame tweet which fans began to point out that watermelon sugar is defined as a “a type of street substance”.

However, in that tweet he stated “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run”. “Kiwi” is that name of a song he dropped back in 2017. And that track was clearly based on a romantic interest.

Harry penned this tune along with M. Rowland. The track’s two producers, K. Harpoon and T. Johnson also co-wrote it.

And it is the second single thus far released from Harry’s sophomore album, “Fine Line”. This happens to be the same project in which Styles confessed that he had taken “psychedelic substances” whilst recording.

In August 2020, Harry Styles went to No.1 in America with this song. This was a very important feat for Styles as it was the first ever No.1 hit of his musical journey.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Watermelon sugar is about going down on a girl. As confirmed by Harry Styles.

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