“Circles” by Post Malone

In the lyrics of “Circles”, Post Malone is speaking about a romantic relationship he is involved in. It is very tumultuous and appears as if it could end at any moment. However, even though there are no loving sentiments expressed, it is still pretty clear that he and the other person in this romance have feelings for each other. Why is this the case? Simply because the title and chorus of this track allude to the idea that despite their regular discontent, they don’t have the wherewithal to actually part ways permanently.

Indeed in the second verse, Posty states straight up that he feels it is time for the relationship to end.  Yet in the bridge he is putting the onus on his partner to actually terminate it. And despite the “love” which once defined their union now “going cold”, they seem to be making conscientious efforts to “feed the flame”, as in doing what they can to keep the romance alive.

However, at the end of the day, these actions do not appear to be having the desired effect. So even though the track ends pretty much the same as it began, with Malone woefully commenting on the state of this relationship yet displaying no concrete plan to resolve the issue, you can’t help but to get the feeling that he and this lady will actually break up in the very near future.

Lyrics of "Circles"

Premiere and Release of “Circles”

Post Malone premiered “Circles” during a performance in New York City on the 5th of August 2019.

Weeks later, the entire song was officially released by Republic Records in partnership with Universal Music Group on 30 August 2019. Upon its releases, it served as a single from Post’s third album which goes by the title Hollywood’s Bleeding. On that same album appears the hits “Wow.” and “Sunflower“.

Writing Credits for “Circles”

Post Malone worked with Louis Bell and Frank Dukes on both the writing and production of “Circles”.

Additional production credits go out to Leon Hlabathi. Moreover Kaan Güneşberk along with Billy Walsh also helped write “Circles”.

No Swear Words

Interestingly enough, Post Malone doesn’t use a single offensive or vulgar word in the entire lyrics of this tune. This is something that is pretty much unusual of him. Or?

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