“FCK 2020” by Scooter

As presented therein, the full title of this track is actually “f–k 2020”. However, unlike similarly-vibed tune that have been put forth by other artists, in this case Scooter does not make any overtly-discernible reference to the coronavirus pandemic. Rather their issue with the “worst year ever”, as stated, is that masses of people totally lost their cool as a result of ‘a nightmare come true’, which of course would be COVID-19, even if it is not directly stated.

Thesis Sentiment of “FCK 2020”

But now that we have gotten that out of the way, thesis-sentiment wise this song doesn’t even have anything to do with 2020 per se. Rather it is based on one of Scooter’s more-established production standards, i.e. serving as a dose of inspiration. 

And as usual, they are using themselves as examples of individuals “won’t ever stop” doing what they have to do.  Indeed ‘no obstacle can hold them back’, and they are going to keep “running” until they can no longer. 

And in terms of being discouraged from doing their thing, to the contrary how they feel is “unstoppable”. Also, they are not really keen on playing by the rules, arguably perceiving participation in mainstream society itself as being disheartening.


So conclusively, we’ll say that Scooter is a band who regularly releases songs that are inspirational in nature. However, in doing so, they don’t commonly address the listening audience per se.

Rather they present themselves as individuals who are faithfully and persistently dedicated to living the type of, shall we say fun-filled lifestyle that they espouse.

"FCK 2020" Lyrics

Quick Facts about “FCK 2020”

“FCK 2020” was composed by the one and only H.P. Baxxter of Scooter fame. However, he isn’t credited as the primary writer. There are at least four other writers who contributed to the song.

Scooter released “FCK 2020” on 23rd of October, 2020.

“God Save the Rave” is the album in which “FCK 2020” appears on. The album itself came out in April of 2021.

The song was produced by Scooter, and contains samples from the song “Pump it Loud” by The Pitcher, which was released in 2003.

"FCK 2020"

More about “God Save the Rave”

Electro dance album, God Save the Rave is German hardcore band, Scooter’s twentieth album. It was released in April 2021 with the aid of Kontor Records and Sheffield Tunes, but self-produced by the band.

The album is the band’s first to not be issued within the usual timeline of a one or two-year gap in between albums. The group took an almost four-year break after their 2017 album, Scooter Forever.

Songs on the album were all written by lead vocalist H.P Baxxter.

Guest artists who featured on the album include: Timmy Trumpet, Like Mike, Dimitri Vegas, Harris & Ford, and Finch Asozial.

The 1993 song titled Konvulsionslaten by Anders Norudde is sampled in the track “Hang the DJ”.

Official Singles

Below is a list of the album’s official singles and the dates on which they were released:

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