“Not Around” by Drake

According to the chorus, this is the real-life story of a relationship Drake has with a particular woman. The title of the track alludes to the fact that this lady’s parents are “not around”. And as such the implication is that she had to take up a profession akin to a working girl, i.e. an exotic dancer , in order to support herself. And apparently an adult-themed club is the venue in which Drizzy himself met her. 

Moreover the lyrics read as if in the past the rapper gave her money in exchange for intimate favors. But now, more to the actual point of the song, is her desire to turn over a new leaf in life. In other words, she is looking for a loan to “start up a business” and get out of the sex trade. And in the very least, on a mental level it seems as if Drake is supporting her aspirations. So basically what we have here is the tale of a dancer the artist has knowledge of who has now decided to go “legit”. And once again Drake is applauding her efforts.

Quick Facts about “Not Around”

“Not Around” was leaked onto the internet on the date of 2 March 2020.  It has been put forth that the track was produced by prominent hip-hop producer Pi’erre Bourne, though he has denied the claim.

“Not Around” was written by Drake. At the time of its leakage, it is not clear if this song will be featured on his forthcoming album. And it is speculated that the track was recorded between late 2018 and early 2019.

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