“On a Night Like Tonight” by Niall Horan

This is perhaps the most overt love song found on the entirety “The Show”, the Niall Horan LP from which “On a Night Like Tonight” is derived. The interesting thing about this piece though is it not being abundantly clear if the addressee, i.e. the object of the vocalist’s affection, is a fresh or established romantic interest. In fact, all lyrics considered, the former is most likely the case.

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In any event, what is made clear is that “on a night like tonight”, Niall desires nothing more than having her “summer skin pressed on” his. And it should be noted that in the chorus, the singer further goes on to state that he ‘wants to know what (her) love tastes like’. So the addressee definitely reads like someone he is now hooking up with, and it may be that tonight is the night that the two of them become an item.

“On a night like tonight
Are we just two stars passing by?
Wantin’ your summer skin pressed on mine
Wanna know what your lovin’ tastes like
On a night like tonight”

The Team behind “On a Night Like Tonight”

Niall Horan has been more involved in the release of “The Show” on 9 June 2023 than just serving as the project’s vocalist. For example his personal label, Neon Haze Music, is responsible for making the album public alongside the more-established Capitol Records. 

Horan also co-wrote every song therein, in this case accomplishing the task alongside Jacob Kasher and co-producer John Ryan. And the other producer of “On a Night Like Tonight” is Matt Zara.

On a Night Like Tonight

Did this Song come out as a Single from “The Show”?

As of the release date of the album, only the following songs supported it as singles:

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