“King of Everything” by Dominic Fike

This song is premised on the singer being at home alone. Under such circumstances he is the “king of everything”, i.e. being free to do whatever he wants and rule the environment as he chooses. However, in the chorus he sings as if he is with someone else, i.e. a romantic interest. Perhaps this is meant to allude to the idea that when he is alone, he is prone to call over his significant other for some private intimacy. Simply put, one of the benefits to the singer being by himself is that it affords him the opportunity to hook up with his girlfriend.

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Quick Facts

“King of Everything” can be found on Fike’s maiden EP, which he entitled “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos”.

Fike not only wrote “King of Everything” but he also produced it. Furthermore, he played a number of instruments on the track, including the drums and guitar.

It was recorded in Florida and released in October, 2018.

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