“Falling Asleep” by Dominic Fike

In “Falling Asleep”, Dominic Fike is addressing someone like a romantic interest. And basically, he has come to the conclusion that this person is trying to hook up with him to somehow exploit him, such as for his money. And what he seems to be saying is that whereas she may appear one way publicly, when the two of them are alone she is ready to do what she has to do in the name of achieving the aforementioned goal. 

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But whether or not Dominic has actually decided to entertain her is unclear, for he also points out that he is on guard to not get too close to people.

Facts about “Falling Asleep”

On the track listing of “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos”, “Falling Asleep” is the 7th track. And it was only released on the vinyl version of the project. The project in question is actually Dominic’s first major-label EP release.

“Falling Asleep” was released as part of the aforementioned EP in October of 2018. It wasn’t a single release as its EP only had one official single, namely “3 Nights“.

Dominic is this tune’s exclusive writer and producer.

This song shares a similar theme and topic with another song on “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos”. And said song is “She Wants My Money“.

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