Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” Lyrics Meaning

“Black and Yellow”, a track by Wiz Khalifa, stands out as a heartfelt tribute to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weaving a tapestry of local pride through its vibrant beats and lyrics. The colors “black and yellow” hold a significant and symbolic meaning for the city, not only being prominently featured on Pittsburgh’s city flag but also being the chosen colors for its major sports teams in the NFL, MLB, and NHL.

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The music video for the track notably pays homage to the city’s NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, further solidifying the connection between the song and the city’s athletic spirit.

While the verses predominantly delve into Khalifa’s affluent lifestyle and his encounters with various women, providing a glimpse into the rapper’s personal life and successes, the chorus brings the listener back to the overarching theme of local pride by emphasizing his choice to sport “black and yellow” when he steps out.

Thus, the track masterfully intertwines narratives of personal success and hometown pride, creating a vibrant anthem that resonates with both fans of the artist and inhabitants of Pittsburgh.

Wiz Khalifa talks about lyrics meaning

According to Khalifa, the lyrics are about one of his cars (a Dodge Challenger) which is actually sprayed yellow and black. He purposely purchased that color of car as a homage to where he comes from (Pittsburgh).

Facts about “Black and Yellow”

September 14th, 2010 was the day “Black and Yellow” was officially released. And it was released as a single. Actually it was the lead single Khalifa released from his “Rolling Papers” album.

The Pittsburgh Steelers actually played “Black and Yellow” as their hype song when they competed against the Green Bay Packers at the 2011 Super Bowl. The Packers also used a remix of the song, entitled “Green and Yellow”, by Lil Wayne.

That is to say that “Black and Yellow” proved to be extremely popular. For instance, it topped the Hot 100 in addition to peaking at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart. And overall it charted in almost 20 countries.

Actually this was Wiz’s first song to reach number one in his home country (America). In 2015, he achieved that feat again with the hit “See You Again”.

Additionally the track has been certified multi-Platinum in both Canada (3x) and the United States (6x).

There is a remix of “Black and Yellow” which consists of Khalifa and the following artists:

  • T-Pain
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Juicy J 

Writing and Production

Khalifa teamed up with the Norwegian production and songwriting duo known as StarGate to pen this hit. The duo also produced it.

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    Black coloured people with gold chains obviously!

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    He’s reppin his home town of Pittsburgh, PA! Colors the Steelers, Pirates. and, Penguins wear!

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