Meaning of “420” by Jim Jones (Ft. Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y)

The title of this track, “420” (pronounced four-twenty) is an increasingly-popular number amongst marijuana smokers. It is basically a code for smoking marijuana. And more specifically it is a communal weed-smoking holiday that takes place on, as you may have guess, April 20th. As such, Jim Jones and the homeys are getting their celebration on a little bit early.

Thus in the intro of the track Wiz Khalifa reminds the listeners and fellow smokers that “our holiday” has commenced and invites others to a mutual smoke. Then Jim Jones jumps in also acknowledging the 420 holiday. However, his verse quickly transform into a street story, including referencing a homicide and the days he was a drug hustler. Jim Jones concludes his verse apparently dissing “trap ni**as” and overall leaves the most-powerful impact on the track.

Not to minimizing Wiz’s efforts. Smoking a phat one is already one of his perennial topics, and now he mixes that with tales of chasing shorties, some of whom “just want to get stoned” with him and his crew.

Then Curren$y comes in by giving a shoutout to the recently-deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle by referring to him as a “Crenshaw legend”. And while he does sparsely reference weed and gives a shoutout to his hometown of New Orleans, most of his section is actually dedicated to flaunting his wealth.

Overall the track serves as an ode to smoking, with the artists also delving into their personal lives during their individual verses. And the chorus of the song is basically a shoutout to Dipset, a crew of rappers based in New York City which Jim Jones is a founding member of.

Facts about “420”

  • “420” was released on 19 April 2019.
  • The 420 marijuana holiday is actually believed to have originated from a group of weed-smoking 1970’s high school students who practiced a ritual of getting high every day at 4:20 p.m. As time progressed, 420 became a code number for smoking and eventually led to the establishment of a related global holiday celebrated annually on the 20th day of the 4th month.
  • Curren$y also collaborated with Wiz Khalifa’s on the latter’s “Real As You Think”, which was released on 420, 2019.
  • Just a few days prior to the release of this track (15 April 2019) Jim Jones reached a plea deal with police stemming from charges that included marijuana possession.

NOTE: Drugs are not good. Say no to drugs in all forms.

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