Wiz Khalifa – Bammer

In all grass consumption (smoking) cultures it is the same – there is a special appellation giving to low-quality product. And said term which is applied in the artist’s hood is bammer. So this track is actually named after unfavorable grass/weed. But for the most part, the song reads like your quintessential Wiz Khalifa ode to the high life. For instance, we once again find the rappier chillin’ with ladies who also enjoy partaking of the herb. And of course he is sensually active with them. 

Also Wiz lets the world know that he is “a rich” dude who spends time “ballin”, i.e. enjoying his wealth, with his homeys. And once again he reminds us that he’s one of the real smokers in the game, the type that “roll(s) big doinks”, as in really-large spliffs. Moreover, as the title suggests, at the beginning of the second verse he puts forth that he only inhales quality stuff. 

So we can conclude that this track is centered on the lifestyle of its narrator, with grass playing a major role in his personal culture.

Lyrics of "Bammer"

Facts about “Bammer”

“Bammer” was written by Wiz Khalifa. And it was produced by Mustard (aka DJ Mustard) alongside Gylttryp.

Khalifa and his team released tune as a standalone single on 9 March 2020.

For the record, there is actually a strain of grass which Wiz Khalifa co-created that is sold by a medical marijuana company. And said product is referred to as Khalifa Kush (KK).

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