“Pink Panties” by Baby Keem

This song, being the second track on The Melodic Blue, more properly sets the tone for the rest of the album than the track that preceded it. That is to say that Pink Panties, underneath all of the NSFW lingo, is actually romantic in nature, or we can more accurately say a sex song. And there really isn’t a whole lot to analyze here per se. The rapper is addressing a lady who, based on the chorus, apparently belongs to another dude. And he’s presenting himself as… who knows.

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The mistake we’ve made is that we analyzed songs found later on the playlist of Melodic Blue before getting around to this one. For on subsequent tracks like Lost Souls and Cocoa, Baby Keem comes off as a sexual being alright but one in control of his lust, if you will. However, this time around, let’s just say he’s letting it all hang out more in traditional rap style, which he also does later on via tunes like Range Brothers

But in any event, it’s almost like he’s portraying different characters on respective songs. But perhaps such is actually the point. Tunes such as Pink Panties may be considered the Hulk tracks, while others, like the pair mentioned above, are more Bruce Banner-ish. In other words, this is how Baby Keem sounds when the gangsta side of his sexuality takes over.

Lyrics to Baby Keem's "pink panties"

“Pink Panties” Facts

Baby Keem released “Pink Panties” through a number of labels (including Columbia) on September 10th, 2021.

The track wasn’t issued as a single. Owing to this, it was made public on the same day the rest of its album was released (which was on the aforementioned date).

Keem is credited as the only writer and producer on this track. It is one of 2 tracks on his “The Melodic Blue” project in which he acts as sole writer and producer. The other track in which he also handles things solely is “Booman”.

Are there any samples used in this track?

Keem substantially sampled a 2019 song by an American singer named Che Ecru titled “F–k….. Instagram”. It must be mentioned that this isn’t the only song on “The Melodic Blue” album that samples a track from Ecru. The song “Lost Souls” also significantly samples a Che Ecru track.

pink panties

Che Ecru’s Unaccredited Vocals on “Pink Panties”

In addition to Ecru’s track being sampled on “Pink Panties”, he also contributes singing to the song. However, he officially receives no credits for his vocal contribution to the song.

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