“Scapegoats” by Baby Keem

The title of this Baby Keem song (“Scapegoats”) actually alludes to the main concept behind The Melodic Blue. For therein, Keem proclaims that ‘bi–hes are his scapegoat’ and accordingly are the ones he ‘made this tape for’, i.e. the album. And yes, by this point we can confidently verify that the rapper’s interaction with romantic interests is in fact the primary subject of this project.

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Keem also uses this song to give a shoutout to some family members, i.e. his late uncle, an aunt whom he financially supports and his mom, who he inherited ‘all his sins’ from. Also, somewhat unusually given the grand scope of Melodic Blue, the bulk of the first verse is primarily dedicated to his rich-like income, not bonking or romantic issues. Indeed in its entirety Scapegoats, despite possessing a striking title, is about a range of subjects, which for the most part are meant to depict Keem as the man.

Lyrics to "Scapegoats" by Baby Keem

Facts about “Scapegoats”

Scapegoats can be found on Baby Keem’s maiden album, which goes by the title “The Melodic Blue”. It is actually the 3rd and shortest track on the project’s track listing. The entire project, which also features the likes of Kendrick Lamer and Travis Scott was released on 10th September, 2021.

Being a non-single release, Scapegoats was issued along with “The Melodic Blue”.

Scapegoats was composed by the joint efforts of Keem and the following:

  • Zac
  • DJ Dahi
  • Finatik
  • Johnny Kosich

The song’s production team also consists of the same names above.

Are there any samples contained in “Scapegoats”?

Yes. The song contains samples from two other tunes. The first is a song titled “Redemption” released by one Serpentwithfeet in 2016. The second is “Unlucky” – a 2018 track from Kan Wakan.


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