“Righteous” by Juice WRLD

The title of this song points to the idea of Juice WRLD “feeling righteous”. Within the context of the lyrics, this actually alludes to his fashion sense, i.e. the rapper rockin’ an “all-white Gucci suit”, with white being the color most often associated with pious living.  But outside of that reference he doesn’t go out of his way to present himself as a good guy. 

Indeed one can argue to the contrary, as most of the lyrics actually center on a sense of helplessness and stress which it seems Juice can only alleviate via abusing drugs. In fact in the first verse he plainly acknowledges the inherent dangers in this habit – which for the record did indirectly end up taking his life. 

But going back to the meaning of the title of the song, he also drops other scattered innuendos to his wealth. Yet overall “Righteous” is based on the themes that Juice WRLD built his career around. And that is the narrator being in the type of internal turmoil where he is compelled to resort to drugs as a form of relief.

Lyrics of "Righteous"

Facts about “Righteous”

“Righteous” was written by Juice and produced by Nick Mira. Nick has co-written and produced many hits for Juice, including “Lucid Dreams“.

Being released by Interscope Records and Grade A Records on 24 April 2020, “Righteous” is officially the first Juice WRLD track issued after his passing. An entire posthumous Juice WRLD album may be forthcoming, of which this song will likely serve as the lead single.

“Righteous” reportedly leaked in late 2019. And even priot to that, Juice had been teasing it on social media.

Interestingly, Juice doesn’t utter a curse or offensive word throughout the track’s lyrics.

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