“Sanguine Paradise” by Lil Uzi Vert

Without even needing to be said to fans of Lil Uzi Vert, this track is highlighted by three major themes. Foremost are Lil Uzi’s private interactions with women and his wealth. And to a lesser extent he brings up his ability to initiate violence.

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When Vert speaks of having intimate affairs in this track, he is often doing so in the context of sleeping with someone else’s girlfriend.  To put differently, as the beginning of the song points out, his dough gives him the ability to attract and exploit a lot of different females.

Another luxury his income has afforded him is diamonds. And he possesses these jewels in different colors. Indeed the money does seem to keep coming to Uzi. For instance, he basically claims that he can make $100,000 in a matter of seconds. Furthermore in the second verse, Lil Uzi boasts that if he were to physically stand on his money, it would increase his height by over a foot.

Lyrics of "Money Keep Coming"

And the rest of the track follows along the same aforementioned subject matters, such as Uzi referencing his wealth, ice, his intimate adventures with women and his dangerous goon squad. Overall, the sentiments that Vert is out to relay via this track are that others will ‘never reach his goals’, his cashflow is never-ending and when he does get paid he engages in chillin’ activities such as buying extremely-expensive items and enjoying the company of women.

Facts about “Sanguine Paradise”

  • Writer(s): Lil Uzi Vert co-wrote “Sanguine Paradise” with Brandon Finessin and Working on Dying
  • Producer(s): Oogie Mane and Brandon Finessin handled the track’s production.
  • Release Date: 31st March, 2019 was the unofficial release date of this song. The official release date was April 9, 2019.
  • Album/EP: This is one of the tracks on Uzi’s second studio album entitled Eternal Atake.
  • Interesting Stuff: This track was first released under the name “Money Keep Coming”. Back then it was an unofficial release, but now that it’s official they changed the name to “Sanguine Paradise”.

Does “Sanguine Paradise” contain any samples?

YES. It contains samples from Mykko Montana’s ‘’Do It’’ (ft K. Camp).

Is sanguine a word?

Yes. It is actually an adjective that means the process of being positive in the midst of a situation which is bad.

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